Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Somehow, it's April...

Happy April 1st!
I hope everyone is wary today -- don't believe anything on the internet. Except maybe for this post, I've already gotten the April Fools-ing out of my system today anyway.

So somehow, it's April already. This means a few things to me;
1.) Holy cow, time flies.
2.) Our European Adventure is almost over.
3.) My shop re-opens soon!

As we prepare to bring our fantastic little trip to a close, I am a whirl of emotion. I am sad to leave behind the exploration and the challenges of living abroad, but I am so, so, ready to sleep in my own bed and get back to real life.

Part of 'real-life' (one of my more favorite parts actually) is the running of my etsy shop, Fin and Feather Art. As I mentioned earlier in the year, I closed my shop during our travels to focus on creating my art and to spend a bit of time considering the final touches to the rebranding of the store that I started earlier in the year.

And I am so excited to show off.

April 10th will be the Grand Re-Opening (Bob's burgers anyone?). To celebrate, I'm having a little kick-off party in my studio that evening, and will also be sending out special gifts with all orders placed that whole weekend! (April 10th - April 13th) Pop over to my facebook page for more information on the upcoming sale :)

It should be great a few days, and I am a bit antsy to get to it! Though, while I am absolutely pumped about the store, it is our last day here in Barcelona -- so we should go outside and enjoy it. I wish everyone a great (and scare-free!) April 1st!

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