Saturday, May 3, 2014

Blank Journals!

I may have gone a little photo-crazy this afternoon.
I set up a small scene to take a few pictures of the new blank journals I added to my Etsy store, but instead of taking the 10 or so pictures per item I usually take (Etsy allows 5) I just went nuts.
I filled up the better portion of my memory card with pictures of different organizations, different props, different angles of light... it quickly went from an 30 minute exercise to a multi-hour event.
And I had a blast.

Here are a few pictures from the shoot :)

I just love these journals. I rarely leave the house without 2 blank books (one a dedicated list-book, one a dedicated sketchbook) and have grown to harbor a serious affinity for unlined books.
When I received this package of blank mini-journals I knew I had to illustrate something small and precious on the cover. So I went with the three things I haven't been able to stop drawing recently; cacti, prickly pears, and crystals.

I'll definitely be ordering more of the journals, so let me know if you have any suggestions for things to add to the covers!

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