Sunday, June 8, 2014

Photo Shoot in the Party Room

I had been trying to find a little spot I could set up to photograph my larger prints for a few weeks, when I remembered we had a 'party room' on the 11th floor of our building.

So I and my trusty husband/assistant packed all the larger frames, pillowcases and prints into our grocery trolley and headed upstairs, hoping it would be empty.

It was indeed empty, but one of the caveats of having so many large beautiful windows is having every slightly shiny surface turned into a mirror. Almost every decent place to set a frame came along with some serious, serious glare. Looking back on it, I should have just removed the glass from each frame.

Lesson learned.

I took a few pictures while we were up there, but will probably need to re-photograph everything without the glass.

All was not lost though, at least I got a few good shots of the pillowcases :)
Have a great weekend!

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