Friday, August 1, 2014

Aloe, Monstera and Palm Drawings

All week I've been working on three entries to a show up in Michigan. The theme of the show is "Lines." Lines of text, lines of people, powerlines... etc. Everything is up for consideration.
I've known about this show for a few weeks and seeing as most of my work is made up of small, thin lines in succession - was super excited to enter.

I made three 18 x 24 pencil drawings of plant leaves. From left to right - Monstera, Aloe, Royal Palm.

These are a few of my favorite moments within each drawing. I just loved how the slightest variation in pencil pressure made a shadow or a ripple on the surface of the leaf without me really thinking about it. A lot of random volume occurred in these pieces, so the end result was entirely unplanned and a surprise to me as well. Those are my favorite.

Fingers crossed they are received by the jury in a similar fashion. We'll see :)

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