Thursday, July 17, 2014


It's no secret I love plants. Our home is 3 ferns short of a jungle and I love it.

I've also been playing with plants as a decoration for type recently (art mimics life?) and was thrilled to be able to pull out some of my experimentations for a new project.

From my sketchbook; my initials in flowertype

A few weeks ago I started a project for a terrific friend of mine; the goal to create a sign/framed image with her name to be hung in her new office. I wrestled with a few different types of hand-illustrated lettering, but nothing really felt right. It looked 'ok', but it certainly wasn't exciting.

After a full day of sketching, erasing, more sketching and more erasing, I found myself flipping through my sketch book for ideas. And whambam, found the above page.

Immediately inspired and excited to try this method of lettering for her project, I started to work.

5 hours later, it was complete.

It was a joy to work on, start to finish... which has inspired me to do a few more posters in this same style. On my list of words to illustrate, "Love" was immediately suggested, as was "Peace." It was such a great project, I'm totally taking requests. Any thoughts on other words?

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